The Shoreline Design landing page is where you create and manage your projects and cases. The video below walks you through the main features available. The text following contains detailed information on the key sections of the interface.

Login screen

You need to log in first with your personal user credentials: email and password.

If you forget your password, you can click on Forgot password. This will open a new page where you can enter your email to request a password reset.

In case you experience any trouble, you can always access to Shoreline assistance by clicking on Get assistance at the bottom of the web page.

After logging in, you will be redirected to the projects page; at the top right corner, different icons allow a variety of options. These options will be explained in the following text.


Log out

You can log out by clicking the Log out icon.

User profile

You can edit and change your own name and password at any given point.

  1. Click on your name
  2. This screen will pop up when clicking on the Your profile. You can change the password (after confirming the old one) and edit your first and last name. The screen also shows the expiration date of your subscription.

Team settings

You can check the access information for O&M Design and Construction Design for the members of the team.

Support and documentation

You can access the support documents and contact customer support at any time. You have two options:

Support & Documentation icon

A new tab will open, and you will gain access to the information documents making it easier to understand Shoreline's tools. You can always click on Contact on the top right corner in order to send an email to our support team. 

Contact Support 

On the bottom right corner, you will see a help icon. 

Click on it to open the support interface.

When opened, you will see the options Got questions? and Contact us.

  • Got questions: Here you can type in a question or keyword you are looking for and we will direct you to the right article.
  • Contact us: Here you have the option to send an email. 


Notifications pop up with a symbol. You will find all information regarding the errors in the simulation runs here. The purpose of this is to guide you on where additional data is needed.


Below is an example:


To see the software version you are running, you will have to look at the top menu bar:

Clicking on the version number will provide you further information about the different versions currently running on the software. Please note that this is mostly used by Shoreline to make sure that everything is updated correctly.