Adding Assets to the Input Library

In this section, you will be able to add wind turbines, substations, inter-array cables, monopiles, transitional pieces, piles, jackets and export cables. 

1. Go to Input Library →  Assets

2. Select the desired asset

3. Click on the  + icon

4. Fill in the necessary information.

The below example is information that is needed for a wind turbine.

PLEASE NOTE: Each asset type requires different information. This Asset article can provide you with more information on how to add each type of asset and the required information. 


 Click on team settings

Go to Input Library section to enable import

Go back to the Asset section from the Input Library, and you can follow these steps to proceed with the import:

  1. Click a bulk import button that opens a select file dialogue in the Asset section of the Input Library.

  2. Select the file from the desktop

  3. Map the columns of the spreadsheet to the fields in the system and click Save Configuration

  4. Click Import tasks and the data is imported.

  5. See a summary of errors and how many lines were imported.