Weather is an essential component of the Shoreline Shoresim simulation engine. The weather data you use in your cases will have a large impact on your simulation outputs as it is used to calculate logistic downtime and power production. For this reason, it’s important to use weather data that is accurate and applicable to your case. 

ERA5 weather data is available to add to your cases by default. However, if you want custom weather data, you can add weather files to your input library, making the weather data available in any Design cases you create. 

You can upload weather files in CSV format containing the following data: 

  • Required: 
    • Wind speed (m/s) 
    • Wave height (m)
  • Optional:
    • Wind direction (°)
    • Wave period (s)
    • Swell (m)
    • Zero up crossing period (s)
    • Tide (m)
    • Current (m/s)
    • Visibility (km)
    • Month (1–12)
    • Lightning (0, 1)
    • Environmental restriction (0, 1)

How to add weather data

  1. Open Shoreline Design.
  2. Click Input Library.
  3. Click Weather.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select the relevant Column delimiter and Decimal delimiter.
  6. Click Select CSV file.
  7. Navigate to the relevant file.
  8. Click Open.
  9. Click Upload.
  10. Use the dropdowns above the table to match the columns in your CSV file to the relevant Shoreline data types.
    • When you select a wind-speed column, enter the Ref. height in the box that appears below the dropdown.

  11. Enter the required information in the input boxes below the table.

  12. Click Import.

How to edit, delete, and download weather data

From the input library screen, you can edit, download, and delete weather data you have previously uploaded. Use the icons on the relevant card for each action.