You can share bases, assets, and logistics with other users at the read, write, and admin level. Configure the settings here to create an internal team responsible for managing your input library or allow users access to bases, assets, or logistics in their cases without being able to edit or delete them at the input-library level. 

When adding or editing a base, asset, or logistic in your input library, click on the Sharing tab to view the permissions. 

You can define permissions across all users with the Set all dropdown. 

Use the Default access level for new users dropdown to select what permission is automatically applied to newly created user accounts. 

In the table, you can set permission levels on individual users in the Access level column. 

User permissions 

Note: Team admins have admin access to all inputs in the input library. 

Permission levelDescription
No accessThe input will not appear for the user throughout their account.
ReadUser can view and use the input in their cases. They cannot edit the input at the input-library level.
WriteUser can view and use the input in their cases. They can edit and delete the input at the input-library level.
AdminSame as write access, but the user can also manage permissions on the input.