You are now able to export all the inputs for your bases, logistics and assets located in your input library into a CSV file. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The export is for O&M inputs.
  • You are able to download a CSV file per section; this means one for bases, one for logistics and one for assets. However, you are not able to get a CSV file with all inputs in one file. 

This is a great feature if you want to revise all your inputs as you get a quick overview of all WTG, vessels etc. that have been added and the fields/information under each. Please follow the below instructions to learn how to export this CSV file. 

How to enable export

If you are missing the Export button, you will have to enable the export functionality (NOTE: this can only be done by a team admin).

1. Click on the Team settings

2. Navigate to the tab "Input library"

3. Enable export for the users who requires this access (all changes are automatically saved)

How to export

1. Go to  Input Library on the menu bar 

2. Select the section you want to export: bases, assets or logistics 

3. Once selected, you will see a button to the right with Export assets written on it. Click on that 

This will export all inputs in assets; this means all wind turbines, substations, transitional piece etc. 

4. Open the file that was downloaded. 

In the first column, you will see the type of asset by the name, so it is easy to follow. The following columns are all the fields available when loading an asset. If they are blank, it means there is no information added. In some cases, some fields are only applicable to certain assets, and therefore they might be blank.