Sharing projects in a team is possible. This facilitates that all of the people that have joined a project can have access to the cases that are built in the project. To share projects in a team, follow this step by step guide.

Note: Only Admin users on a project can edit the name, copy, duplicate, move, delete, share the project.

1. Go to Projects.

2. Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the project, and select Edit project in the dropdown; this will open the settings page for this project. 

3. Define rights

As seen above a list of all the users in the account will appear when you click on the 'pencil icon'. It is here that the admin user can define the user permission per user. Just click on the drop-down menu next to the users' email and a drop box will appear with options of No access, Read, Write and Admin. 

PLEASE NOTE: The user that created the project is the admin.

No access The individual wit this permission has no access to view the project and case/cases.
ReadThis permission restricts the user to be able to view the project/cases (read only). However, it will not be able to copy the cases, make changes etc.
WriteWrite permission means the individual will be able to view, to write and edit the case/cases within that project.
Admin Admin users on a folder/project can edit the name, copy, duplicate, move, delete, share the folder/project.