You can use the filter in the top of the page to filter the cases to find the case(s) you are looking for.

The case filter works in the following way:

To illustrate the results, please consider the following list of cases as an example:

Case ID '1': Case 1
Case ID '2': Centauri
Case ID '3': Experiment 120
Case ID '10:. Sender

If you type in a query to the filter, the list of cases (or filters) will be narrowed down, based on the title of the case, so if you filter by e.g. 's' it will only display the cases Case and Senior.

If the query contains multiple letters, it will filter in a fuzzy way, so for e.g. the for the query 'ce' both Case (since there is a 'c' with a following 'e') and Centauri.

As of now, if the query only contains numbers, it will work as above, so the query for 10 will e.g. find the case Experiment 120. It will also show the case with the ID 10 (Sender) will be displayed, since it is an exact match of a case ID with the query.

All previous statements are also valid for folders when the toggle is switch to Folder.

Searching with case number

You can also search for the case number in the filter. To do this, you will have to know the case number, which you can find in the case URL:

  • The case number is the second number you can see:
    • #1975 is the project ID.
    • 20893 is the case number.