This article contains information on how to add and edit your Wind turbines - information on the different data inputs can be found in this article.

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Add wind turbines

1.Go to  Build → Assets →+ Add  → Wind Turbine

When you click on  +Add you will open the list of wind turbines in your Input Library. Here you will need to click on the wind turbines you want to add.

2. Now you will need to fill in the necessary information. You have to add: Number of wind turbines and location (all locations in Shoreline must be using decimal degrees and in EPSG:4326 WGS 84 system).

3.There are several ways to define the site area: 

  • (3.1) Clicking Define site areaThis option allows you to define the area, and the positions are then distributed evenly within the defined area.
  • (3.2) Clicking Place individually on map: The position of each individual turbine is added by simply clicking on the location on the map.
  • (3.3) Clicking ImportThis option allows you to import a file with the location specifications. 
  • (-) Defining the longitude and the latitude manually.
  • (-) Defining the "Completion start date" and "Grid start date" manually
    • NOTE: "Completion start date" is only visible if the Campaign stage "Installation" is disabled in the Case scope

We would recommend you define the site area or import the file. 

PLEASE NOTE: For Construction, wind turbines and substations will have 'Grid start date' which is the date when testing can start from and 'Completion start date' which is the date when the wind farm is completed

3.1   Define site area 

3.1.1 Click  Mark corners on map

You can add as many corners as desired by clicking the  + icon to shape the polygon. 

You can define the site location by placing the corners in the map where the sites will be. You can cancel this option anytime before defining the last point by clicking  Cancel in the top message.

Click  Populate site and the locations of the turbines will be identified.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to do this step. If you do not click on 'Populate site' and just click on 'Add', the corners selected will not be saved. You will need to repeat the process again. 

3.1.2 Click  Add to finish.

3.2  Place Individually on map

Click on:  Place individually on the map

3.2.1 Click on the map to add individual turbines. You will need to repeat this step as many times as needed to all the WTG you will use. 

3.2.2 Click  Add to finish.

3.3  Import tab

Wind turbines can be added to a project using a layout file with coordinates for every turbine. You can always find more information on how the CSV file should look by reading this article: How to create .CSV files for import.

3.3.1   You will need to go to the Import tab and click on Select file to import 

3.3.2 Select  Column delimiter and Decimal delimiter, which can be found by opening the layout file in a text software (Word, TextEdit etc.). If the delimiters are correctly defined, the coordinates will be shown for each instance after the next step.

3.3.3 Click  Upload

3.3.4 Click  Add to finish

Edit wind turbines

1. Click on the wind turbines you want to edit

PLEASE NOTE: You will first need to add the wind turbine as shown above and save changes. Only then will you be able to edit.

2. Fill in the inputs in the window.

For O&M Design it will look like this:

You are able to set the operational start year of each asset in order to offset the failure data to the corresponding year based on what year the simulation is in. Under the 'Strategy' tab you can define the start date of the simulation as well as how the priority should be considered during the scheduling.

The priority influences the scheduling of tasks related to this asset. If the priority is not set, all assets will have equal priorities. If one turbine should be preferred over another, it should have a higher priority, e.g., 1 is prioritized over 2. The example below shows that the first three WTGs are prioritized over all others (as they have priority 1). the next three turbines (priority 2) will only be prioritized over the remaining turbines, as they do not have a priority set.

Priorities for assets can also be set for other offshore wind farms and asset groups. As described above, a lower priority means this asset is prioritized over another.

Priorities for all members can be changed at once using the bulk edit button.

NOTE: if the operational start year of the asset is years later, you will not perform work on this asset from the start of the simulation but from the operational start year of the asset.

For Construction Design it will look like this:

There are several input values for a wind turbine. Before adding information to the input values it is recommended to give the turbines a(n): 

- Infrastructure title: Is used to identify the asset in the user interface

- Configuration title: This can be used to specify more information

- Wind farm name: Is key when assigning vessels especially in the case that you have multiple wind farms

Next step is to edit all available input values.  See more detail for each input this article.

Duplicate wind turbines

In any case with a wind turbine assets already added, you can duplicate the asset, copying all existing parameters, including weather. This can be useful if you have two assets that share parameters, but, e.g., have different locations. Just copy the asset, then edit the location of the duplicate.

  1. Go to Build >  Assets.
  2. Click the three-dot additional options menu icon.
  3. Click Create duplicate on case.
  4. Choose the number of wind turbines you want to add.
  5. Click Define site area, Place individually on map, or manually enter the coordinates of the wind turbines to locate them.
  6. Click Add.

A duplicate of the asset will appear, which you can edit as needed.