Have you added your assets and logistics yet? If not, we recommend you to do this before starting with personnel. The reason is that you will need to define the role and how many personnel you need for a task on each asset.

Are you ready? If so, let’s start adding personnel to your case. When adding personnel, please pay close attention to the information you introduced in ‘assets’ specifically on the scheduled, corrective maintenance (O&M Design) and stages of construction like completion, commissioning, etc. (Construction Design). 


Adding personnel

The employees will do completion, commissioning, scheduled maintenance and repair failure activities. If a few employees only are involved, the task can't be completed. The employee can be defined with vacation, shift schedules, and salary. For O&M Design, if there are additional employees within a campaign, this can be set as well.

1. Go to BuildPersonnel

In the Personnel tab, you can define the available technicians. The technicians could be internal staff or external subcontractors.

2.  Click on + Add

3. Add group Title and the necessary Information

Input labelMandatory Description
Group typexThe type of technicians for a group can be full-time employees or subcontractors (O&M Design)
UnlimitedxToggle whether there are unlimited number of personnel available or not.
MembersxThe number of personnel members in the group
Home basexThe daily operations start from the home base assigned to the personnel; this is the harbour or SOV for O&M Design. For Construction only port
Work hoursxThe schedule of the personnel can be organized by two different types: fixed or staggered.  
  • Fixed → all employees in the group have the same working time. The user can define the start- and end time of the shift
  • Staggered → the employees in the group works at different times. The user can determine when the employee starts the shift, the length of the shift, the number of different shifts, and the interval in hours between the shifts. The system will use the scheduled hours, it will split the number of people for the different shifts, and estimate when the last shift ends
SkillsxSelection of the personnel skills (generated in Windfarm → Completion/Commissioning tasks and Schedule/Corrective Maintenance), the technicians of the group can perform their tasks if they have been given the correct role
Allowed transportxThe type of transport taking the personnel offshore (CTV, SOV, and Heli). The personnel can be transferred only by using the selected transportations
Annual/Hourly salary-The annual salary per person for a full-time employee. It is calculated so the annual salary is transformed into a daily salary by dividing it with 365,25, then every day the personnel is available the daily salary is calculated. The hourly salary per person for a subcontractor (O&M Design)
4. Click  Save
Warning: If you do not have enough employees to manage a task (which is defined in Assets), the simulation will not work.

Editing Personnel

1. Go to Build Personnel 

2. Make any adjustments to the personnel information.

3. Click Save 

O&M Design only

Full time employees vs Subcontractors differences

When you create/update a personnel group, you can change between using Full time employees (FTEs) or Subcontractors (SCs). If you have a campaign enabled, you can only set the FTEs inside or outside the campaign.

When using Subcontractors, please be aware that the SC utilisation can have a >100% utilisation. The reason for this is due to weather days being included in the 'work days'.

The utilisation of Subcontractors is calculated by # work days / # possible work days.

Here the possible work days is when there is a vessel with good weather to be able to dropoff the personnel.

This means that if you have a day with bad weather, it will count in the work days but that day will not be included in the possible work days. And this is why the value can be above 100%.

FTE pre-calculation

Full-time employees FTE pre-calculation helps to define how many personnel is needed to be hired. 

1. When you go to BuildPersonnel, the FTE pre-calculation tab will appear

2. Click on it, and the following window will appear. Click Calculate & Save and the calculated number of people to be hired will be shown at the bottom of the calculation.

The following input data should be filled in:

Input labelMandatoryDescription
Min. daily techniciansxThe minimum number of personnel available daily
Campaign lengthxThe number of days the employees will be used for the campaign
Total hours per technician per yearxThe total number of hours a single technician will work during a year
Shift length for tech day (incl. breaks)xThe number of combined hours a technician will work, including associated breaks
Shift length for off-daysxThe number of hours a technician will work to achieve a day-off
Days off per yearxThe number of days a worker is not available during a year
Maximum rotation cyclexThe maximum rotation of days between an employee's on and off days

It is also possible to check this calculation after the case has been simulated.