When building a project or a case, there are many different cost that can be involved. These costs can be added to your project either in the input library or the case itself. This article will give you an overview of what cost can be added and where you can do so. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to add cost in order to run a simulation. However, if no cost is added there will be no-cost related output. 

See below the cost you can add: 

- Annual cost of facilities
- Annual cost of base staff
- Annual other costs
Location: Input Library & Case  
- The annual costs (rent, administrative costs, etc. ) of the facilities
- An annual recurring cost for required personnel in the bases
- An annual recurring cost category for other costs
In Assets:  
- Spare part costs (under Scheduled maintenance and Components)
- Subcontractor cost
- Consumables and other costs (under Scheduled maintenance and Components) 

Location: Input Library & Case
- The cost of spare parts per event
- The cost of subcontractor per event
- The cost of consumables and other costs per event   
In Logistics:  
- Day rate (under Cost)
- Fuel cost (under Cost)

- The charter cost of a vessel per day
- Fuel cost per ton
- Annual salary
- Hourly salary  
Location: Case  
- The annual salary of the personnel
- The hourly salary of the subcontractors
In Economy:  
- Currency

- The currency of the costs 

In addition to the above, you have the possibility to select the currency you want to work with and add additional fixed cost e.g. annual facilities rent. See below how this can be done:

1. Go to your case

2. Select the tab Costs 

3. Here you will see the below screen open. 

There are a few fields you can complete here:

  • Cost title: This is the type of cost some examples are annual staff salaries, transmission fee, or any recurring annual fee 
  • Cost Value: The actual cost 
  • Currency: The currency of this cost
  • Period: Here you can select that cost will be per month, per year, per MwH of produced power or installed capacity

To delete just remove the cost title and cost value.