It is now possible for you to see an overview of all the details and inputs of the case you are working on. When you have a case open there is a tab called 'overview', it is here where you can visually see all inputs. It is important to note that this tab is READ ONLY and works as a summary, you are not able to modify the case directly from this section. 

Go to a project folder and click on a case. This will open to the overview tab, which will show you the case information and case set up. 

This is a great feature that will allow you as the user to quickly understand the source of the outputs provided in the output tab and its generated reports without the need for clicking all through all models. Expanding and closing headers within each column is possible.

All users who have access to the case will be able to view the overview. However, only users with write access or higher will be able to click on the information which will then direct them to the input section where they can easily make changes. Here is an example: 

If the user wants to see the bases, go to the overview section of the base (drop-down list of bases) and click on the port (Maintenance Port). 

It will direct you to this base page: 

Once changes are made you can click on Cancel or Save, and this will take you back to the build module. 

PLEASE NOTE: You are able to zoom in/out of the map. The user can also toggle the map. Click on toggle map.

This button can toggle the width of the map, removing the first column for extra map space.