The S-Curve provides an overview of the cumulative task completion over time. Use the S-Curve to visualize your project's progress, identify where you can reduce gaps in your scheduling, or use the milestones to tentatively plan vessel availability windows.

The calculations for your S-Curve are based on the p value you select and come from the corresponding p run. You will only see data from a single run in your S-Curve.

Each point on the S-Curve represents a day where at least one task was completed during the simulated construction process, e.g., a WTG installation. Hover over a milestone to see more details of the tasks completed that day.

P run

Shoreline ranks your simulation runs in ascending order based on run duration. From this ranking, individual runs are aligned with specific p values, which you select on the output page in the dashboard. The p run that aligns with the p value you select is used to display the data in your S-Curve.

The position of a p run in the overall ranking will depend on the total number of simulations you have run.  For example, if you run 100 simulations, the P10 value will correspond to the run in the 10th position when ranked. If the dataset has a different number of runs, the position will vary, but it will still represent the same percentage of the distribution.