The "Jackup events - monthly" and "- yearly" outputs shows the monthly and yearly average events for the jackup.

Column ADisplays the vessel name.
Column BDisplays the asset ID (shown in the URL when editing an asset).
Column CDisplays the task name.
Column DDisplays the calendar month.
Column EDisplays the output name for the vessel.
Column FDisplays the average events for all jackup events. 
Column GDisplays the P10 jackup events.
Column HDisplays the P20 jackup events.
Column IDisplays the P30 jackup events.
Column JDisplays the P40 jackup events.
Column KDisplays the P50 jackup events.
Column LDisplays the P60 jackup events.
Column MDisplays the P70 jackup events.
Column NDisplays the P80 jackup events.
Column ODisplays the P90 jackup events.
Column PDisplays the minimum value between the different P-values for the jackup events.
Column QDisplays the maximum value between the different P-values values for the jackup events. 
Column RDisplays the standard deviation. You can read more about the standard deviation on the Wikipedia page.
Column SDisplays the minimum confidence interval (read more about confidence interval here).
Column TDisplays the maximum confidence interval (read more about confidence interval here).
Row 1Displays the column header information.