When adding weather files to your base(s) or asset(s), you have two options:

Article on how the weather is used in a simulation can be found here.

Imported weather data

If you want to use your own imported weather files while building a case, make sure that you have imported the weather file(s) required to the input library. Instructions found here.

When in the weather tab on either a base or an asset, you can use the imported weather data either by selecting 1. the 'Select weather from Input library' or 2. clicking on the map.

On the map, your imported weather files can be identified by with green square - click on it, and you will see a list of the weather files which has been imported with coordinates:

Click on the weather file, and it has been selected for the base/asset

Using ERA5 weather data

You can also use the ERA 5 weather data (weather data source is Copernicus ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1979 to present).

There are some ERA 5 weather data locations that are missing a few hours of data here and there. This can be seen by downloading the weather file, as the inputs will be 'NaN' instead of a value. In the cases where 'NaN' is found in the weather file, the simulation will read this as '0' (zero).

This is done by clicking on any square on the weather map - click 'Use ERA5 data'

The weather type will load, and you can see it used on the weather selected: