This page lists common problems and possible solutions. If your simulations are failing, check our troubleshooting page. If an error or problem persists after reviewing these pages, please contact support


Problem: My simulation fails. 

Solution: Check the in-app notifications by clicking on the notification icon in the top-right corner and follow the guidance or address any errors there. If you don’t have any notifications, check our troubleshooting guide

Problem: I can’t edit my case. 

Solution: If you have successfully run simulations, the case editing function is locked. You need to clear the runs before you can edit your case again. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click on X simulation runs at the top right. 
  2. Click Clear all runs & output.
  3. Click Delete.

Problem: I want to customize my case’s bases or upload my own weather files. 

Solution: Your input library acts as your account’s master data. From here, you can create and customize bases, assets, logistics, and weather. Anything in your input library is available to add to any cases you create. See the Input library section of our documentation for full details. 

Problem: I want to input data in a different format. 

Shoreline supports CSV uploads for assets and weather files. It is not possible to upload any other file types. 

Note: When you upload a file, make sure you select the correct column and decimal delimiters. 


Problem: My weather matrix does not allow me to select certain criteria. The selections are greyed out. 

Solution: The greyed-out options are probably not included in your weather file. Check the [Add weather page]() for more details. 

Problem: The ERA5 weather data is missing some weather data. 

Solution: The ERA5 weather data is provided by Copernicus. Any weather data that is missing will be entered as NaN in an ERA5 file. Shoreline reads this as 0. See the How to add weather files to a case article for more information. 

Problem: I want to select more than one weather file for an asset or base. 

Solution: Sometimes a base or asset sits on the boundary between weather tiles on the map. It isn't possible to select more than one weather tile file at a time. If this accuracy is essential to your case, you can download both weather files, combine them, and reupload them.  

Note: Sometimes the Apply everywhere button helps if the simulation has issues with the weather. Such cases usually contain multiple weather files, and after 1 file is selected, the other can be selected again, and the case works again with multiple files. 


Problem: My logistic is sailing across land or through an obstacle. 

Solution: By default, any logistic follows the most direct route from point A to point B. Define a custom route to avoid this problem. 


Problem: I am not able to add a process step before the first step. 

Solution: Add the step after the first step, then drag and drop the newly created step to the first position. 


Problem: My subcontractor utilization is more than 100 percent. 

Solution: This is due to how subcontractor utilization is calculated. Please see the adding and editing personnel page for more details.


Problem: My vessel only follows the custom route sailing from the wind farm, but not when sailing to the wind farm. 

Solution: Check that the first step in the custom route has the same coordinates as the base. 

Problem: My logistic is sailing across land. 

Solution: By default, vessels follow the most direct line from port to their destination, regardless of obstacles. You need to define a custom route around any landmass or other obstacle.


Problem: The currency information listed in the Cost tab of my base is not reflected in my case output. 

Solution: You can set different cost currencies in many places throughout the Design interface. Currently, different currencies are not reflected in the output. In the screenshot below, the output total would be 3 despite there being 3 different currencies.

We recommend that you use the same currency throughout your case to ensure that the sums are meaningful. 


Problem: One or more of my tasks aren't being completed. 

Solution: Check the Minimum working length value on the Strategy tab. This is not the maximum working hours of an individual per week/month but rather the minimum working length on any single task.  

If you have, e.g., a Minimum working length of 12 hours and a task duration of 10 hours, the task won't get completed. Set a lower value, e.g., 1 hour as the Minimum working length to ensure all tasks get done.