This article contains more detailed guidance on how to use the Process Builder on Logistics in Construction 3. Work in Progress.

Max time to wait before start

Defining a maximum time to wait before starting the process / step being entered here allows users to determine whether they would like to wait on weather indefinitely, for a maximum defined period of time, or not at all. 

The maximum time the vessel is allowed to be idle before it can start on the process step.

Example: Let's say step 1 = 10h and step 2 = 10h. Imagine 12h of good weather, one hour of bad weather, and ten hours of good weather. In if the max time to wait is 0h => then the vessel will stay in port as it is not able to complete these two steps within its required window.

Now let's say the maximum allowed between steps is four hours => Then the vessel can perform the steps. e.g. (10 hours, wait for two hours, ten hours). The vessel will sail to the site and wait between the steps at the location.


We believe there are 3 things users are generally trying to model. Here is how to model them 


Full flexibility (wait indefinitely). In this case this checkbox should remain unchecked: 



Flexibility for a specific length of time. In this case the user should check this box:


and then add a value in the box entitled Max time to wait before start which has now appeared: 



This means that the vessel will wait for a maximum of 15 hours, but could go sooner if there was a suitable weather window.

Must start immediately. No flexibilityIn this case the user should check this box:


And then add the value “0” in the box which has now appeared: