The information available on the Cycle Overview tab on Construction 1 regarding:

  • Average transit from Wind Farm to Port
    • Transit distance
    • Transit speed
    • Transit time
  • Average transit between assets
    • Transit distance
    • Transit speed
    • Transit time

is available on the Process Cycles in Construction 3. 


Average distance from Wind Farm to Port = port to central point of wind farm

Average distance between assets = Average (distance Turbine 1 -> Turbine 2, Turbine 2 -> Turbine 3, Turbine 3 ->4 etc.). The average is calculated on the transit times between assets in the installation order inputted into the product by the user.

How to view this in Construction 3

On the relevant logistic, navigate to the Processes tab and then select any of:

  • Transit to wind farm
  • Transit to next asset
  • Transit to port

Then click on the 3 dot menu and select "Transit times"

A dialogue box will open with detail of the transit distance (see calculations above), the transit speed (inputted by the user in the process cycle), and the calculated transit time (since Time = Distance / Speed):

Note that users can close this dialogue box and then change the transit Speed on the Process Cycles, and this change will be immediately reflected in this dialogue box, producing a new Average transit time: