The new output page provides faster loading; independent, collapsible frames for each output graph; and improved interactivity. 

Caution: The new output page is in beta and undergoing active development. You might encounter bugs and limited functionality. 

You can switch to the new output page from any Shoreline Design project with successful simulation runs by clicking on the Output tab and choosing Switch to beta dashboard.

You can switch back the old output page at any time using the same button. 

What’s in the new output page 

Only some output graphs and report downloads are supported in the new output page.

How to use the new output page 

The new output page includes some familiar features, as well as an expanding list of new tools. 

Select a p value 

You can select the relevant p value using the dropdown at the top of the page.  

Interact with a graph 

Collapse and expand 

You can collapse and expand a graph using the `-` and `+` buttons at the top right corner.

Zoom and pan 

On each graph, you can zoom using the icons that appear at the bottom right when you hover over the graph. Reset the zoom using the reset icon in the centre.

Pan a graph by clicking, holding, and dragging. 

Toggle display items 

You can use the graph legend to toggle which items are displayed on the graph. 

Switch display modes 

On some graphs, there is a radio button to switch between display modes.