There are many reasons why a simulation might fail. This guide walks you through a simple process to begin narrowing down the possibilities. 

Warning: Create a copy of your case and follow this guide on the case copy.

Preliminary: Run your case without weather

  1. Click on the Simulate tab.
  2. Under Weather, click Disable.
  3. Click Run simulation.

If the simulation still fails, there is an issue with your case configuration

If the simulation runs, you probably have a weather restriction that is too strict. Compare the weather restrictions on your case logistics to the weather file or individually increase each restriction and re-run the case to see which is causing the failure.

Check your case configuration

Check the following in your case. Run a test simulation if you update anything.

  • The Loadout base on each asset task is the same as the Port set on the logistic assigned to the task. The task will never get picked up if the two bases don’t match. 
  • There is a Base selected on all asset tasks. 
  • Task dependencies follow a logical order: 
    • For example, if you have 3 tasks—installation, commissioning, and testing—check that that commissioning is dependent on installation and testing is dependent on commissioning. 
  • Commissioning tasks have skills assigned and those skills are selected on a personnel group. Any task requiring skills that are not applied to a personnel group will never get picked up. 
  • The personnel with the required skills are assigned to the correct vessel: ensure the correct SOV is aligned to the correct task with the correct personnel. 
  • If your case includes multiple logistics of the same type (e.g., HLV) with different ports, select the relevant individual logistic from the task drop-down menu. Do not select, e.g., All HLVs.
  • Deselect any logistics not used on a task or that does not exist in your case.
  • On your Strategy tab:
    • You have finished adding your scheduling strategy and have avoided adding multiple scheduling times close to each other.
    • The Minimum working length does not exceed the duration of any individual task in your case. Any task with a duration that exceeds the minimum working length will never get picked up. 
    • The Break time in total per work shift is less than the value for the Work-shift length

If your simulations are still failing, please contact support