Major component replacements (MCRs) form a critical part of many O&M projects. As a specialized type of maintenance work, they require additional steps to configure within Shoreline.  

MCRs are modelled as follows: 

  • Add a corrective maintenance task on an asset. 
  • Set the task to use an HLV or a tug, depending on whether the maintenance work occurs on site or back at port. 
    • If you use a tug for your MCR, you will need to add an onshore crane to your case to conduct the maintenance work. 

To follow these instructions, you will need a case configured with a base, WTGs, and either an HLV or a tug and crane. 

  1. Click on the Build tab. 
  2. Click on the Assets tab. 
  3. Click on your WTG asset. 
  4. Click on the Corrective Maintenance tab. 
  5. Click + Add corrective maintenance
  6. Complete the inputs for the MCR. 
    • Severity should always be set to Critical for an MCR. 
    • For Vessel, check either Heavy Lift Vessel or Towing Vessel, depending on whether the MCR is carried out on site or at port. 
    • Complete the HLV- or tug-specific inputs. 
  7. Click Save